Technical Consulting

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AWS Cloud, Product Roadmaps,
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Product Development

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Websites, Mobile Apps,
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Based out of Annapolis, MD, we provide technical and product consulting as well as custom website and mobile app development to startups and small businesses to help accelerate their growth.

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  • Custom Solution
  • Product Strategy
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Content Management
  • Clean Design
  • SEO optimized
  • API Integrations

Technical & Product Consulting Services

Technical / AWS Consulting

We provide a wide range of technical consulting and product management (PM). Our AWS Certified consulting includes account setup, data and storage configuration, automated deployments, cost optimization, and just about anything else needed. We don't claim to know ALL of the (interestingly named) services, but we certainly know our way around.

Retail / Inventory Consulting

In addition to technical and product consulting, we also have retail expertise. If you're looking for ways to optimize your retail and/or e-commerce business, especially with regards to inventory management across multiple platforms, we can help.

Cloud Consulting
  • AWS Cloud Consulting
  • Data Analysis & Migration
  • Retail / Inventory Consulting

Product Consulting

Cloud Consulting
  • Product Vision & Mission
  • Product Strategy
  • Product Roadmap
  • Retail / Inventory Consulting

Product Management (PM) is a critical component of a successful product. Typically it's done naturally by the executives or the product development team on the fly, especially in the early stages. The challenge with that is that these same people have other responsibilities, and may not have the best skill set to ensure the success of the product and the product's sustainability.

Our product management services are specific to software products and cover the full spectrum of the product management role, and can be served a la carte depending on what your needs are. We provided a high-level summary of how we approach new engagements, although we will gladly customize the experience to fit your needs and budget.

Product & Website Development

Websites are considered the first impression of your business, so make sure you're making the right impression with a clean and easy-to-use website. There are a lot of great tools out there to build your own website, however most websites made by the same tools look the same. Each website we develop is customized and includes responsive design so that they are optimized to work on all devices including phones and tablets.

In addition to new website development, we can also help redesign your existing website and/or help your startup or organization with developing a custom mobile application. We are also very experienced working with simple and complex databases, in case you're in need of optimizing performance.

Cloud Consulting
  • Website Development
  • Web & Mobile Applications
  • Website Redesigns
  • Mobile Optimization